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Case Studies

Entrepreneurs Group

1Contracted with Startup Weekend to hold a weekend-long startup event in Saratoga Springs. Analyzed the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Capital Region via events and conversations with local business and political figures. Service programs in progress.

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IFP Films

2FORTUNE 100 affiliations, 72 international programming awards, cost containment savings of over 32%, streamlined distribution methods and wider publicity at a minimal cost through their numerous awards and enhanced expert status.

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Mechelle’s Way Series

3Tripled membership and gym size, won numerous programming excellence awards for the fitness series, received international responses about the positive effects of the program on lives and health, and established a branded-destination moniker for future product launches.

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League of Dreams

4Established national co-sponsored events for awareness building, developed a series of family-friendly, edutainment products, rethought their organizational structure and message, and assisted with capital contribution access and partnering.

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